Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't posted any new projects and honestly I haven't even done much of anything this past month. We have been preparing for the baby and that means that my house has been in shambles for the past month. We decided to make our guest room the "office/craft room" and the room that was the office/craft room into the baby's room.

So I went and bought paint for the new office, removed all the furniture (gave most of it away), started cleaning out drawers, and Eric painted the room. I stuck with the same color as the old office/craft room. Moving all the office/craft furniture was a bigger project than I thought it would be because I can't help lift furniture. We did get it all done eventually. The living room and dinning room was a disaster with all of my craft stuff. I have so much stuff, and I may as well admit it "I have to much stuff." Yes, I know I can't believe I am admitting it. So I have been donating lots of stuff to my sister's school. Although some of it is still a work in progress we have began on the nursery.

Eric is on vacation this week so he has gotten the nursery painted. Now all we need to do is put up the wall paper boarder. I am ordering the crib and dresser but that will take a couple of weeks to arrive. I have been sorting through all of my baby shower gifts, putting clothes in order of size, taking inventory of how many diapers & wipes we have, and making piles of the other stuff that will need to be put in drawers. It wears me out just thinking about it.

I began making my Thank You cards for the gifts but that too is slowly coming together. I want to get them out by the beginning of next week. So here is to hoping I can get them done before we leave for the weekend with N'Focus Youth Ministries for the annual Youth Retreat. Did I mention we are the youth leaders, yup we are busy people. I am looking forward to a good weekend with the youth. Hopefully it don't get to cold because my coat doesn't button anymore.

Stay tuned for pictures of my November stamp club projects, baby shower invites, shower banner, shower party favors and thank you cards. Be back soon, I promise!

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