Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love You Much Bundle

Put Some Heart into Your Valentines!

Let someone know how much you love them with the Love You Much bundle! Complete with Love You Much stamp set, Heart to Heart punch, and Candy Lane Designer Series paper, this bundle is full of love!

From now through January 31, 2009, it's priced at 20% off the retail value!

Love You Much stamp set $25.95
Candy Lane Designer Series paper $9.95
Heart to Heart punch $15.95
Bundle Retail Value $51.85

Bundle with 20% Discount $41.48

Contact me today if you are interested in ordering this great Valentines Bundle!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Book

I've been working on this baby book for Derrick & Alyssa's baby. Baby Luke James should be arriving within the week. I had intended to start this book early so that I would have it done before the baby shower but kept putting it off. Well the night before the baby shower I started the book and I just finished it this weekend. At least it is finished before the baby got here. Its an 8x8 scrapbook. I tried to think of all the important stuff and holidays, so all they have to do is insert the pictures.

Click on link below to see the scrapbook pages: http://www.slide.com/r/N5C_zxFl6D9GV0ZDmUx69EIOwtwCy6F9?previous_view=mscd_embedded_url&view=original

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was great. I had arranged for Eric's dad to come and visit us for Christmas which was a surprise to Eric. When Eric got home from work on Wednesday and found his dad here, he was so shocked. It was great! Eric hadn't seen his dad since last November. Since we decided to go to Liberia this year we didn't make it out to Texas. Well it was a great present for both Eric and his Dad. I'm glad I was able to do it. We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Mary's house and Christmas morning at my mom's house. We stopped by Grandma Evelyn's before we headed home on Christmas day. In the evening we had a few friends over to play games. It was great to spend time with family and friends this holiday season!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SU Retirement List

Retired List

Dates: Retired List--December 9, 2008-January 18, 2009
10% Discount on Retiring Stamps--December 9-23, 2008

Details: Dozens of stamp sets from the Fall-Winter 2008 Idea Book & Catalog are retiring. Now's the last chance for you to get them--these sets are only available through January 18, 2009. And they're 10 percent off from December 9-23, so don't wait to order!
SU gift to you, FREE SHIPPING!
From December 9 through December 23, all workshop and customer orders of $70 or more will receive free shipping.

(You can combine orders with friends to make an order of $70.00 to recieve free shipping or if you have a SU party with combined sales of $70.00 or more everyone will receive free shipping.)
Maybe I can do some Christmas Shopping from this list.... I wonder what my father-in-law would like? LOL!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is one of my favorite holidays, Happy Thanksgiving! I woke up this morning and prepared some fruit salad and some macaroni salad to take to Grandma's house. We spent the day at Grandma Mary's house with all of the family.

My Grandma is awesome! She cooked two turkey's this morning. One for everyone to eat and the other because Eric wanted to be sure we had leftover turkey. Besides the turkeys she made the rest of the side dishes. I am so thankful for such a beautiful and giving Grandma.

This Thanksgiving I just want to say that I am very thankful for my Grandma. She has been a great roll model in my life. She gives of herself like no other person I know. After my Dad passed away she has always made sure that I was taken care of and before that she took care of my dad. As an adult I am very thankful to have her as my friend. I love to spend time with her whether we are on one of our crazy shop hop days where we visit 10 craft stores in one day, or we work on our paper crafting projects at my house or hers, or we just spend time with one another.

My grandma always has time to listen to me ramble on about things and later ask me how it went or how the person is. She is just genuine. I know she loves me because she is one of my biggest fans. She helps me, inspires me, pushes me to achieve more in life, and she helps me with my side business. Always looking out for new customers or getting sales for me.

Grandma I couldn't imagine not having you in my life. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I could never thank you enough for all you do for me. Thank you Grandma! I love you.

I am thankful for my Husband, you are the greatest husband Eric. I love you and I am thankful to have such a great best friend to spend my life with.

I am thankful for all of my family, my Mom, my 6 Sisters, my Brother, Nieces, Nephews, Grandmas, aunts, uncles, extended family and my church family. You all inspire me. I love you and I am thankful to have you in my life.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Liberia Pictures

Eric and I took over 1,100 pictures of our trip. I wish I could show them all but that is just impossible so I chose a few to share with you. Hope you enjoy them.

This is a picture of Eric and I at the church Eric preached at on Sunday. The church purchased these Liberian outfits for us. They had us put the outfits on and show them off. It was supper hot and Eric and I were already very sweaty and then we added the additional clothing. Boy were we burning up. It was very nice of them to give us these clothes.

This is a picture of the kids from Banal Farms. These kids are amazing. They can quote Bible scriptures off the top of their heads, one scripture after another. They put me to shame in the Bible memorization.
They also had a time of prayer and boy are they sincere and powerful.
Missy and I picked a couple of little girls up so they could be in the picture and they were so excited. All the kids kept touching us, we were like celebrities.

This picture is of me singing at the crusade. Thankfully it was a group of us that sang, God knows I'm not a soloist!

This is the Corina Hotel, were we stayed for the week in Liberia. It isn't to bad here. It definitely looks better on the outside but it could have been worse. For the most part the generators ran and we had air conditioning and electricity in the room so I am very thankful.

On Sunday I taught Sunday School. I took a bag of Jolly Ranchers with me to hand out to the kids. Unfortunately I didn't have enough for everyone. With our weight restrictions on the airplane I was limited on how much stuff I could bring.

I gave the candies away to those that could quote scriptures. I had little ones from the age 3 up to the age 16 in the class and they all did such a great job. I was so sorry I ran out of candy.

This is the rain that came pouring down one of the days that we were there. When it rains, it pours!

A snapshot of the thousands of people that attended the crusade. I believe that there were thousands of lives changed but only eternity will show the true outcome of this crusade.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We just landed in Washington DC. Waiting for our next legof our flight home. Its good to be on US soil.
We spent the last two days running all over Paris. My feet hurt! We saw as much as we could in the little time we had there and we also tried to get some shopping done. We rode the Metro all over the place and getting back to Brussells for our flight we had to drag our suitcases on the subway with us, up and down stairways, off and on the the subway within seconds before the door closed. It was hectic and exciting.
I am glad to be on my way home. I will share picture soon. I can't wait to show the picture of Eric and I in our African clothing. I love to travel but there is no place like the good ol' USA!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last day in Liberia

It is Sunday morning and we are waiting to be picked up for church. The whole group will be splitting up this morning and visiting different churches. Eric and I will be going to a small village, I'm not sure of the name and Eric will be preaching and I will be teaching Sunday School. I have some jolly ranchers to give to the kids, I'm sure they will love that. After church we will be coming back and getting changed, going to the Stewart's for lunch and then heading to the airport. We will be beginning our stretch home but we will be stopping in Paris on the way. How fun! A little reward for our hard work this week.

We finished the crusade on Friday night.There were thousands of people in attendance! I'm not sure on the numbers of those filled with the Holy Ghost (it was over 1,000 as of Thursday) and those Baptized in Jesus name. I will have to report that later. Thursday night during the crusade it began to sprinkle, the clouds above were black so we prayed for God to stop the rain. He is faithful, the sprinkles stopped and not another drop of rain was felt until we had finished the service and then came the rain. What a miracle!!

Yesterday was the dedication service of Hope Center. What a touching and powerful service we had! While in service the found and killed a cobra snake right outside the church.Thank God no one was hurt. It was a long ride home with 7 ladies squished into the cab of the truck but we made it back safely.

Bro. Stewart made us an excellent meal, a casserole and his famous Texas cowboy beans. Yummy!!!

Well I can't wait to share pictures with all of you. I will be home soon. Grandma don't forget to pick us up :o)

Sis. LaVerne wants me to wish Sis. Gloria a Happy Birthday, Happy 70th Birthday!!!

See you all soon.

Much Love,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liberia Update

We arrived in Liberia on Sunday night. Immediately I could see some improvements in the airport and there was new pavement on some of the roads. Thank God!! It was good to see the Stewart's (missionaries to Liberia) and the other from the church. When we arrived we were greeted by many people from the church. Sis. Stewart had a scrumptious meal and a birthday cake ready (Sis.Wilmoth's birthday) for us. I love her cooking. It is different because it is mostly Ethiopian food, but it is so delicious.

Monday we had a devotion and then we went shopping downtown. There were so many people on the streets, I think they may have multiplied in the past two years. We got a look at the Hotel that we stayed at last time and it looked horrible. I am very thankful for the change in hotel this time. Its in a better location and the generators have only gone out a couple of times but only for a few seconds. Everyone was getting there shopping done because it was the only day we had to shop, the rest of the week is pretty packed with stuff to do. I got to help haggle some prices in some shops since I had experience on what some of the items cost. I knocked over a bunch of items in one of the stores, Eric wasn't too happy about that because he thought we were going to have to buy everything, luckily the items were all wood carvings so there was nothing broken.
It was a great day of shopping and then we went to the Stewart's for dinner, yummy!!

Tonight was the first night of the crusade, wow!!! What a great time. I had to get up and pray for the offering, the gentleman leading just called me out and said you come and pray for the offering. Good thing I'm not that shy! A group of us sang, spur of the moment. Pastor and Bro. Brandon preached and God moved in a great way! Thank you Jesus for the good weather tonight. There was a lovely breeze and not to many bugs! Yea for that! The new people on this trip are getting spoiled. LOL!

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing fine, we are having a great time. I will try to post again soon but it is hard because the Internet connection is very bad. I've been trying to post since yesterday but every time I got on the computer it would go down or the generator would go out.

Remember to keep us in your prayers!

Love sent from Liberia,

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I will admit I am a procrastinator, we have just finished packing up our stuff and we are heading for LA. We will be spending the night and getting up at 4:00 AM to get ready to head to the airport. We will land in Brussels on Saturday morning and then we will be flying out on Sunday morning to go to Liberia. I will try to keep everyone posted about the trip if the Internet connection is good.

I just want to thank everyone that helped us in our fundraising for this mission. We are excited to see what God is going to do in Liberia.

Well it is time to go, yea! Remember to keep us in your prayers while we travel! Liberia here we come!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cards, Cards, & More Cards!

Tonight is my card class, yeaaaaa!! Here is another sneak peak at one of the cards we'll be making. I just love this new stamp set, Winter Post. I also used the Heard from the Heart Stamp Set for the sentiment. This card was very simple to make.

We are one week away from flying off to Liberia. Please note that I won't be here to answer any questions or for you to place any orders but if you do need to order something you can just go to my website http://rosecastillo.stampinup.net and click the shop now button in the upper right hand corner. Your items will ship directly to your house. I will be returning November 19th, so I will be available after the 20th of November if you need anything or want to host a workshop.

Stamp Club members please remember that we will be having our stamp club on the first Tuesday of November because of my travels.

Well I'm off, back to work! Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas, Its only October!

I have been working on the Christmas cards for my card class coming up this Thursday and it is making me have panic attacks. It actually make me feel like it is later in the year than it really is. It also reminds me that I will be leaving for Liberia a week from this Thursday, yikes! Only a little over a week left for me to get ready for our mission trip. Boy am I feeling the pressure. By the time we get home we will be the week of Thanksgiving and then its Christmas!

If you won't able to attend my Christmas Card Class this Thursday don't worry I will be holding one more class on Saturday, November 29th at my house. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Special

This week I will enter the last year of my 20's. I will be truning 29 and will be heading into my 30's real soon. Life flies by quickly! I've been getting white hairs since I was like 12 or something like that but I just recently started to see them more on the top of my head, I guess its a sign that I am getting smarter!! Ha! Ha!

Well in celebration of my Birthday I wanted to offer a everyone a special offer. So I am offering you 20% off one item from Stampin' Up! -OR-Free Shipping on any order (your choice) offer is good only this week. Contact me if you have any questions.

Don't forget about SU!'s Birthday Promotion.

Spend $20 on regular catalog merchandise and get 20% off these select birthday stamp sets:

109439 Big Bold Birthday (pg 62) Reg $27.95 Sale price $22.36

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110994 Bitty Birthday (pg 64) Reg $12.95 Sale price $10.36

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108559 Crab & Company (pg 68) Reg $27.95 Sale price $22.36

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WCMD Cards

I just wanted to share the pictures of all of the completed cards from the WCMD class I had last weekend. I know you may have seen a couple of them already but this time I listed the ingredients for the card. I have a couple of card kits available if anyone is interested.

Halloween Card
Halloween Frights Stamp Set (Mini Catalog)
Pumpkin Pie Card stock
Basic Grey Card stock
Basic Black Card stock & Ink
Whisper White Card stock
Ghostly Greetings DSP

Sympathy Card
Inspired By Nature Stamp Set
Close As A Memory Stamp SetChocolate Chip Cardstock & Ink
Creamy Caramel Cardstock & Ink
Very Vanilla Cardstock & Taffeta Ribbon

Thanksgiving Card
Happy Blessings Stamp Set (mini catalog)
Sage Shadow Card stock & ink
Creamy Caramel Card Stock
Realy Rust Card stock & Ink
Very Vanilla Card stock
1 3/8" & 1 1/4" Circle Punch
Earth Elements Watercolor Crayons
Blender Pens

Christmas Card
Winter Post Stamp Set (mini catalog)
Lovely as a Tree Stamp Set
Riding Hood Red Card Stock
Chocolate Chip Card Stock & Ink Pad
Very Vanilla Card Stock
Big Shot Top Note Die
Sentiment- All Holidays Stamp Set
Friendship Card
Season of Friendship Stamp Set (mini catalog)
Whisper White Card stock
More Mustard Card stock & ink pad
Really Rust ink pad
Close to Cocoa ink pad
Chocolate Chip ribbon
Scallop Edge Punch

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SU Birthday Promotion

Stampin' Up! Birthday Promotion
Dates: October 1-31, 2008
Promotion Details:
Spend $20 in regular catalog merchandise and qualify to purchase any preselected birthday/celebration stamp sets at 20 percent off.

Contact me if you have any questions about this promotion.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Dodgers!!!

I am really excited that the Dodgers are the division champs and are making their way to the World Series. When I was a little girl, I would watch Dodger games with my dad. He was a huge fan, he wore Dodger shirts, hats, and pins all the time. I guess my love for Baseball and the Dodgers stems from the time I spent with my dad all those years. I miss my dad and wish he was here to share in my excitement about our team finally making it this far! My dog, Dodger has been wearing his Dodgers jersey! LOL! (Yes, we named our dog after the baseball team.) I don't know that he is as excited about the shirt as I am but oh well, he is a good dog and her wears his shirt with no problems.

Some dear friends of mine love the Angels and love to tease me about how well the Angels are doing etc... and they even love to call my dog "Angel." so I had to text them today to rub it in that the Anaheim Angels lost last night, therefore getting themselves knocked out of the championship games. I got a few responses from these friends and all they could say was "whatever!" Makes me laugh. Now I just hope that the Dodger can continue to win.

Go LA Dodgers!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sneak Peek

Earlier this week I said that I would try to give a sneak peek of some of the cards for my card class this Saturday. Here are two of the cards that I made last night. I used a couple of the new stamp sets out of the mini catalog, Seasons of Friendship and Winter Post. (You should have received your mini catalog by now. If you haven't contact me and I will get you one.)

Tonight my schedule will consist of my card prepping for my class tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM and some house cleaning! I am excited for the class tomorrow because that means I get to hang out with some great friends, make cards, and have good conversation.

I am truly happy that I found

paper crafting as a hobby. I never thought of my self as a crafty person but now I guess most people would say that I am. I wish I would

scrapbook more so I could actually finish my wedding scrapbook but oh well, it will get completed one of these days. I'll try to remember and take pictures tomorrow as we celebrate National Card Making Day.

Go LA Dodgers! (I'm a Dodger's fan)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Servant's Heart & Mickey Mouse

This past Saturday I meet with some of the youth on Texas Street in Redlands to pick up trash. There were 13 youth that showed up to help. I am proud of those that woke up early this past Saturday to help keep the community of Redlands looking beautiful.

There were many cars that slowly drove past us and stared. I'm sure they were thinking that these kids had gotten in some sort of trouble and had to do community service but I am glad to know that they were there just to be a servant to our community. A servant's heart is priceless! Way to go N'Focus!!

We must have picked up about 8 full bags of trash. There was more trash than I thought out there. It took us about an hour and a half to complete our task. In the end I think that Texas Street looked so much nicer!

Picture: Stacey, Roberta, Melissa White, Selena, Lindsey, Lauren, Alison, Melissa Nava, Nathan, & Patricia.

Not Shown: Estephan and Rose

After I got done with the trash pick up I got changed and headed for Disneyland. I just love Disneyland and my annual pass is about to expire so I need to get my last couple of uses out of it. I will definitely get a season pass again but not until the new year.

My dear friend Chris went along with me. Just the two of us. It was a nice day and I had fun just admiring the Halloween decor, getting on the rides, and enjoying a day with my friend. Thanks for coming with me Chris!!

This Saturday is World Card Making Day so I will be prepping for my card class this week. I will try to post a sneak peak of the cards we will be making so make sure to check back. Have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is Frankie, I made him last night. I copied the idea of making him from Split Coast Stampers. I've seen multiple ideas making this Frankenstein and just had to copy the idea. I think he is so cute. I used my new Big Shot Top Note Die, Circle punches, Tab punch, Green Galore, Basic Black, Whisper White, and Elegant Eggplant Card stock.
Last night was the first night in a while that I actually didn't have anything to do. So I relaxed, made dinner, did some studying, made this card, and even read a chapter in my newest book "Sunset" by Karen Kingsbury.
I will be going to Disneyland tomorrow, yea!!!!!!! My pass is about to expire next month so I need to get my use out of it within the next month. Just pray that its a nice and cool day. Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Youth Work

As many of you already know Eric and I work with the youth in our church. We feel that this is where God wants to use us at in our church, so this is the ministry in which we pour our lives into.

This weekend we had a youth revival with Bro. Jacob Pereida. We had a great time this weekend with powerful services each night. Bro Jacob preached messages that moved each person to a new level with God. Thank you Bro Jacob for allowing God to use you! It was a blessing to have you here this weekend.

I also want to thank each and every adult that that attended our youth revival and for being here to support N'Focus Youth Ministry. Your love and willingness to support the youth is greatly appriciated.

N'Focus, lets keep living for God! Keep that spirit of prayer that you had this weekend and lets continue to grow! I love all of you!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stamper's Showcase

Well here is the other page that I had submitted to the Stampin' Up! Contest. It was featured today in the Stamper's Showcase on the demonstrator website. I'll find out who the winner was of the contest next month when I get my Stampin' Success magazine (demo magazine.) The pictures on this page are of my niece Jaiden. I miss her so much! She is just so adorable.
I used my favorite stamp set; Always. This was originally a two page spread but the contest was only calling for one page submissions. I used this layout for my scrapbook class this summer. If you haven't seen this page before, hope you enjoy the idea.

Created by:
Rose Castillo

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Featured Scrapbook Page

I submitted this scrapbook page for a contest that Stampin' Up! was having. I actually submitted two scrapbook pages. I didn't win but they did have this page featured on the Demonstrator website. I wish I could have won but I am at least happy that it was good enough for it to be featured ont he demo site. Maybe my other page will show up soon.


Created by:
Rose Castillo

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stamp Club

Every second Tuesday of the month is Stamp Club. Right now I have 5 ladies signed up in this club and we meet each month to do some stamp projects, share, laugh, and just have fun. If you've ever even considered joining stamp club I invite you to join us one month with no obligation to join or order to see for yourself just how much fun it is to be apart of Stamp Club.

The rules are simple if you decide to join the club you will be making a 6 month commitment to the club and the only thing required of you is to spend $25.00 a month on Stampin' Up! merchandise. Every month I will provide a couple of projects for you to complete while learning new techniques. This is a great way to slowly build up your craft items. You will also have to option to host one of the club dates at your home and receive the hostess benefits, which always include at least a hostess level one stamp set and minimum $15.00 in free merchandise. If you do decide to join us next month please make sure to RSVP your attendance so I will have enough projects for everyone!

I need to get some pictures of my current stamp club so you can see all of these great ladies! The pictures to the right are the cards that we made this month. We embossed the Live with Passion Card and we made a spinner on the Happy Halloween Card. You can actually spin the monster and on the other side is a pumpkin. Hope you enjoy the ideas!

Have a great evening, I am off to singing practice for next weeks youth revival at our church. Fun!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I've decided that I would like to try and get my license to drive our church bus. I will mostly be using it to drive for youth events since at this time in my life we are working with the youth at our church, Hope Center. I'm a little fearful about going through with this but I think that it will be a good step. I rode the bus to church for many years and I am very thankful for a church that believes in bus ministry. I wouldn't have had a ride to all those church services and youth activities if it hadn't been for the bus or van. I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for God and this church.

Well I will appriciate your prayers as I study to get the license to drive the 25 passenger bus. I believe there are about 3 or 4 different test that I will have to complete in order to drive so it might be a few months before it comes to pass but I am looking forward to doing this.

Have a great weekend! Oh and Stamp Club members don't forget we have Stamp Club this coming Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Maria Villarreal's house (my Grandma's).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I have been rather lazy today. Although I was busy the rest of the weekend so it was nice to have this extra day to relax.

Saturday I got together with my Grandma to finish up that scrapbook we were creating for her co-worker. We are finished and it only took us about 10 hours of work time. Maybe a little less, that is an estimate. I think that the book came out rather nice, if I do say so myself! I hope that they like our work. For the most part I think that pages all came out really nice. I'm sure after pictures are added they will all look great. Hopefully my grandma's co-worker doesn't choke when she hears how much this book is going to cost her. Although my grandma kept on warning her that it could get expensive. She said that is was fine so we went forward with the project. Did I mention that Roberta and Stacey came over on Saturday also. They were working on their own scrapbooking and cards. It was great to have their company. Thanks for hanging out girlies!

I've made a couple more pages using my quickutz but I'm not sure what pictures I am going to use just yet. I started a Halloween page, I am so ready for fall, my favorite season of all time! All I need to do now is get some Halloween picture developed and place them on my pages. I'll have to make sure and do this before my next quickutz class so I can take them and show them off to everyone!
Oh, just a reminder you can now begin ordering the Big Shot and the exclusive die cuts from Stampin' Up! Contact me for more info.
Well have a great evening. Bye!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Card Class

On Thursday night I had a Card Class at my house. It was a little bit of a smaller group this month but we still had a great time! I wanted to share what we made this month. So I hope you enjoy the pictures.

My next card class will be on Saturday, October 4th in the morning. I am having this class on a Saturday because that is National Card Making Day, so what better way to celebrate than to make cards!

I will be having a scrapbook class in September, check out my website for the date and times.

I spent most of my day scrapbooking with my Grandma Mary. Someone from work asked her to make a scrapbook for her grand baby and she would pay for the materials and for my grandma's time. My grandma being the great woman that she is called me and said that whatever she earned from making the book she would donate it to our Liberia Missions Trip fund. Thank you Grandma! You are the greatest, I couldn't have asked for a better person in my life. I love you!!

We were able to get most of the book complete today. Her friend at work is going to be surprised on Monday. I hope she likes all the pages we did.

OK, off to bed it is already after midnight and I have church in the morning. Good night!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Work!

Well I am home from my trip to Oklahoma. We had a great time, the girls that went with me were a blast! We have so many funny stories from the trip or at least at late hours of the night the things that happened were funny!

Now it is time to work! I am back to at work this morning catching up. I also started prepping for my card class on Thursday. I have two of the cards done for the class and maybe a third one, depends on whether or not I can come up with anything different or cuter. So tonight I must work on my cards so that I can have them done by tomorrow night. The most time consuming thing will be cutting all the material, although it looks like I will be having a little smaller group this Thursday then most card classes I have. Hopefully my latest order will get here by Thursday so I can give my club members their order.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! Back to work I go....

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is a GREAT Week!

I have a full week ahead of me starting with a lil birthday get together tonight for my Sister Alison. Happy Birthday Ally! Alison turned 15 today. Boy am I starting to feel older! I have 6 sisters and Alison is the second to last of all 7 of us girls.
Tomorrow night I have Stamp Club and then Wednesday I leave for Oklahoma and won't be back until Saturday afternoon. I need to finish up my projects for Stamp Club and I still need to pack for my trip. I also need to get rolling on the cards for my upcoming card class on the 21st.
Today is the first day to order from the New Catalog. You can view the catalog on my website if you want to take a look at all the great new items http://rosecastillo.stampinup.net I can't wait to get some of the new items I am ordering. I wish I could order everything on my wish list but I am budgeting for my upcoming Missionay Trip to Liberia. I only have 3 months until we leave for Africa. Yikes! Time is flying by fast.
If you have any questions please make sure to call me. I will have my cell phone and a catalog near by at all times.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Catalog!

Yesterday during my lunch I drove home to see if the box of new catalog where there and sure enough they were waiting by the door. Yea!!!! So I ate lunch and fliped through my new catty. It is so great. Now I need to start making a wish list for the items I want to purchase. I was already making a list of what I want to order for my Christmas Card class. I need to set a date for that class.
There are some beautiful new stamp sets, new ribbon, paper, the new In Colors ink & paper, new designer paper, and so much more. I can't wait to share it with everyone. Let me know if you are interested in borrowing a book to look through or one to purchase ($10). Oh, and I'm always up to you hosting a workshop.
My new Stamp Club starts next Tuesday, I wish I had some of this stuff to show my club members. I do have the new colors, some designer paper, and the new scallop punch but I don't have any of the new stamp sets yet. I will get some of those soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stampin' Up News

Stampin' Up! announced that they will begin selling The Sizzix Big Shot in September. The Big Shot is a die cut machine that allows you to cut all sorts of shapes out. SU will be offering exclusive dies for the Big Shot. These Dies are wonderful. I can't wait to get my hands on some of them. There are alphabets (3), Flowers, snowflakes, and large Scallop circles!

My new SU Fall Winter Catalog & Idea Book was mailed on Friday. I can't wait to recieve it in the mail! I can't wait to look throught the catalog and dream about all the items I want to purchase. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a new catalog or hosting a SU workshop.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Time

My niece Jayden has been down visiting from Washington. She is so cute, very smart, and such a good girl. She is 4 years old. I hadn't seen her for a couple of years so I was afraid that she would be too shy with me but thankfully she don't seem to have a shy bone in her body! Last Thursday I spent a couple of hours with her playing her form of baseball and then we went to visit Grandma Mary and the other family members.
On Tuesday night this week I went to pick her up and then and went to pick up my brother (her dad) and we went to Grandma Mary's House again. I just loved to see her interact with my brother. I loved to hear her call him "Daddy" as she held his hand. My brother is missing out on so much of her life with her living so far away. I wish I could spend more time with her but she is leaving home with her mom tomorrow. I will drop by tonight one last time and say goodbye and give her a photo album with pictures of her and our family.
I guess I need to get to work on some scrapbook pages of Jaiden. I have plenty of pictures, she probably thinks her aunt Rose never stops with the camera!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A week of Birthdays

There have been so many birthdays this week! I've had numerous parties to go to. Its been a crazy busy weekend too. Here is a birthday card that I made. I'm not sure who I will give this too, either my sister Roberta or Sis. Karen White. I might use this card at my next card class on August 21st.

Supplies Used: Pick A Petal Stamp Set, Regal Rose Cardstock, Ribbon, & Ink, Real Red Card Stock, So Saffron Ink & Card Stcok and Wisper White Cardstock.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here I go...

I'm gonna try this Blog thing and see how it goes. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it. Between home, church, work, the youth, and my Stampin' Up! business I hope I don't forget that I have a blog.
The picture here is one of the scrapbook pages I created for a class that I taught this past week. I'll have to be sure and get some picture of the youth beach trip on Aug. 2nd to put on this page.
The base of the page is Kraft 12x12 paper with a 12x12 piece of Soft Sky torn in half. Eric gave me the idea to add the piece of white cardstock under the Soft Sky paper so that it would look like the ocean water. Eric wants credit for the whole page. My husband is crazy! He's always telling people that he created the ideas for my cards and scrapbook pages. I used Crab & Co Stamp Set and cut out the crabs, shells, shrimp, and star fish and popped them up on the sand area. I also used my roller on the craft paper so it looks like the beach. Hope you like it.
Off to see the Wizard of Oz play at the Redlands Bowl.