Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We just landed in Washington DC. Waiting for our next legof our flight home. Its good to be on US soil.
We spent the last two days running all over Paris. My feet hurt! We saw as much as we could in the little time we had there and we also tried to get some shopping done. We rode the Metro all over the place and getting back to Brussells for our flight we had to drag our suitcases on the subway with us, up and down stairways, off and on the the subway within seconds before the door closed. It was hectic and exciting.
I am glad to be on my way home. I will share picture soon. I can't wait to show the picture of Eric and I in our African clothing. I love to travel but there is no place like the good ol' USA!

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~Barb~ said...

I AM glad YOUR home!!!!!!!YaY! See, I could of went and still made it back home....The things we worry about. hahaha