Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liberia Update

We arrived in Liberia on Sunday night. Immediately I could see some improvements in the airport and there was new pavement on some of the roads. Thank God!! It was good to see the Stewart's (missionaries to Liberia) and the other from the church. When we arrived we were greeted by many people from the church. Sis. Stewart had a scrumptious meal and a birthday cake ready (Sis.Wilmoth's birthday) for us. I love her cooking. It is different because it is mostly Ethiopian food, but it is so delicious.

Monday we had a devotion and then we went shopping downtown. There were so many people on the streets, I think they may have multiplied in the past two years. We got a look at the Hotel that we stayed at last time and it looked horrible. I am very thankful for the change in hotel this time. Its in a better location and the generators have only gone out a couple of times but only for a few seconds. Everyone was getting there shopping done because it was the only day we had to shop, the rest of the week is pretty packed with stuff to do. I got to help haggle some prices in some shops since I had experience on what some of the items cost. I knocked over a bunch of items in one of the stores, Eric wasn't too happy about that because he thought we were going to have to buy everything, luckily the items were all wood carvings so there was nothing broken.
It was a great day of shopping and then we went to the Stewart's for dinner, yummy!!

Tonight was the first night of the crusade, wow!!! What a great time. I had to get up and pray for the offering, the gentleman leading just called me out and said you come and pray for the offering. Good thing I'm not that shy! A group of us sang, spur of the moment. Pastor and Bro. Brandon preached and God moved in a great way! Thank you Jesus for the good weather tonight. There was a lovely breeze and not to many bugs! Yea for that! The new people on this trip are getting spoiled. LOL!

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing fine, we are having a great time. I will try to post again soon but it is hard because the Internet connection is very bad. I've been trying to post since yesterday but every time I got on the computer it would go down or the generator would go out.

Remember to keep us in your prayers!

Love sent from Liberia,


Barbara said...

Aw....How fun! I guess you'll never know what it's like til you get there with the weather and bugs..Thats fantastic! Hopefully it stays that way the whole week. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Rose, Eric:Its my desire to one day travel on mission trips.My time will come.I'm so excited for you guys.I pray an amazing trip coming and going, that everything you say and do over there touches and changes lives.See you back in Cali soon. Your stampin' customer. Fidelia