Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last day in Liberia

It is Sunday morning and we are waiting to be picked up for church. The whole group will be splitting up this morning and visiting different churches. Eric and I will be going to a small village, I'm not sure of the name and Eric will be preaching and I will be teaching Sunday School. I have some jolly ranchers to give to the kids, I'm sure they will love that. After church we will be coming back and getting changed, going to the Stewart's for lunch and then heading to the airport. We will be beginning our stretch home but we will be stopping in Paris on the way. How fun! A little reward for our hard work this week.

We finished the crusade on Friday night.There were thousands of people in attendance! I'm not sure on the numbers of those filled with the Holy Ghost (it was over 1,000 as of Thursday) and those Baptized in Jesus name. I will have to report that later. Thursday night during the crusade it began to sprinkle, the clouds above were black so we prayed for God to stop the rain. He is faithful, the sprinkles stopped and not another drop of rain was felt until we had finished the service and then came the rain. What a miracle!!

Yesterday was the dedication service of Hope Center. What a touching and powerful service we had! While in service the found and killed a cobra snake right outside the church.Thank God no one was hurt. It was a long ride home with 7 ladies squished into the cab of the truck but we made it back safely.

Bro. Stewart made us an excellent meal, a casserole and his famous Texas cowboy beans. Yummy!!!

Well I can't wait to share pictures with all of you. I will be home soon. Grandma don't forget to pick us up :o)

Sis. LaVerne wants me to wish Sis. Gloria a Happy Birthday, Happy 70th Birthday!!!

See you all soon.

Much Love,


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Roberta C. said...

I'm glad you guys will be coming home soon!

Uh & just to let you know...i kinda neglected ur plant & it died.

I didn't even realize it was a real plant on your counter!