Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Dodgers!!!

I am really excited that the Dodgers are the division champs and are making their way to the World Series. When I was a little girl, I would watch Dodger games with my dad. He was a huge fan, he wore Dodger shirts, hats, and pins all the time. I guess my love for Baseball and the Dodgers stems from the time I spent with my dad all those years. I miss my dad and wish he was here to share in my excitement about our team finally making it this far! My dog, Dodger has been wearing his Dodgers jersey! LOL! (Yes, we named our dog after the baseball team.) I don't know that he is as excited about the shirt as I am but oh well, he is a good dog and her wears his shirt with no problems.

Some dear friends of mine love the Angels and love to tease me about how well the Angels are doing etc... and they even love to call my dog "Angel." so I had to text them today to rub it in that the Anaheim Angels lost last night, therefore getting themselves knocked out of the championship games. I got a few responses from these friends and all they could say was "whatever!" Makes me laugh. Now I just hope that the Dodger can continue to win.

Go LA Dodgers!!!!

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