Saturday, August 23, 2008

Card Class

On Thursday night I had a Card Class at my house. It was a little bit of a smaller group this month but we still had a great time! I wanted to share what we made this month. So I hope you enjoy the pictures.

My next card class will be on Saturday, October 4th in the morning. I am having this class on a Saturday because that is National Card Making Day, so what better way to celebrate than to make cards!

I will be having a scrapbook class in September, check out my website for the date and times.

I spent most of my day scrapbooking with my Grandma Mary. Someone from work asked her to make a scrapbook for her grand baby and she would pay for the materials and for my grandma's time. My grandma being the great woman that she is called me and said that whatever she earned from making the book she would donate it to our Liberia Missions Trip fund. Thank you Grandma! You are the greatest, I couldn't have asked for a better person in my life. I love you!!

We were able to get most of the book complete today. Her friend at work is going to be surprised on Monday. I hope she likes all the pages we did.

OK, off to bed it is already after midnight and I have church in the morning. Good night!

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Sarah (mom of the freakin' year!) said...

Hi! That is so nice of you guys to do the scrapbook for your grandma's co-worker. I didn't know you were for hire, lol!!! I miss you all and I will get to a class someday when life isn't so crazy.