Thursday, June 25, 2009

Embrace Life

I haven't used this stamp set in a while but I think it is a great set. I have so many flower sets and I keep telling myself not to buy any more but then a new one comes out that I just can't resist. This isn't a new one and I've had this stamp set for almost a year but it just proves that no matter what you can always pull out these flower sets and make a great card.

I don't make a lot of square cards but I do love the square look. Although it cost more to mail then a standard card sometimes it is just worth it.

I am so glad today is Thursday because that means we are one day closer to Saturday. My day to sleep in. Although I have decided that I either need to clean out my closet or clean up my craft room this Saturday before I go to my sister Klarissa's grad party. My sisters are looking forward to seeing what clothes I might be getting rid and I am looking forward to a good weekend.


RoseOhio said...

This is really pretty! I love the color combo you used! Great work!

mawayment said...

I love this card! The colors are amazing!

Tessa said...

What a pretty card! I wouldn't have put these colors together but they look so great together!! Embrace Life is a favorite of mine, too!

Jessica G. said...

What a striking color combo! And I love the square card, too.