Friday, December 17, 2010


For a long time I had a hard time creating simple projects because I would always look at them and think, "It needs more." Then when I started having classes with my cards, I learned that I needed to make them simpler or everyone would either have to plan a whole day at my house or they wouldn't want to come because they couldn't just play all day. So I have gotten better at the simple stuff, especially now that I have Malachi. OK, where was I going with this rambling? Oh, right.... that is why I love embossing folders, they just add so much to a card and it doesn't take much effort.

I currently own all the ones that SU! has available so I hope they come out with more. I almost forgot there is one that I don't have yet and it is a new one that will be released with the Occasions Mini Catalog on January 4th. Yippee!!

I am working on one more Christmas project. I hope to get it finished this weekend but we shall see. I have a lot to do, youth Christmas party, make some Tamales, Church, and maybe I should start Christmas shopping. I know I am horrible this year. I guess its because Malachi's 1st birthday is in 3 weeks and I have been trying to plan for that and then all the other stuff in life, I just keep pushing off the Christmas shopping. Well I hope to be back before Christmas with that last little project.

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Crystal said...

So pretty - I am just LOVIN your Christmas cards! Thanks so much for sharing! :)