Monday, February 7, 2011


I was doing so good with creating and sharing on my blog but this past week was just to busy and this week is only busier. This week I have to prep for the Valentine Cookie fundraiser at my church. I will be helping make approximately 200 9 inch heart shaped sugar cookies that are decorated with butter cream frosting and a special personalized message. Do they sound yummy? Everyone says that they are, I never actually eat one because after two days of baking and decorating I just can't get myself to eat them. By that time I have had enough sugar and just want salty foods.

Although this year I won't be doing as much as I normally do because on Friday Eric and I will be going on a marrieds retreat with our church. We will be heading out to Costa Mesa, with out Malachi. I think I might cry because this will be the first time we are away from the baby. I'm trying to not think about it until Friday so I don't get to worked up.

None of that has to do with the picture of the carrot but it does give me an excuse about not blogging very much this week. So anyway I made the carrot with the Petal Cone die. I wonder if I have convinced anyone to purchase the die yet? I have been posting lots of ideas on how to use it. Obviously I really am enjoying this new die. The carrot is simple, not a whole lot to it. I'm sure anyone would love it even those that don't like to eat their carrots.

I am going to try and be back this week with at least my stamp club projects. We shall see. Have a great week.

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