Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Stampin' Space

There was a recent discussion on Stampin' Connection about people's stampin' spaces. So I decided to take some pictures and show mine. I am so jealous of some of the other stamp rooms I saw on there. Part of me wishes we lived in an area where we needed to have a basement. I know that is a horrible reason to want a basement but then I could have a basement full of craft stuff. Maybe God will give me a great big craft room in heaven.

Believe me when I say it took me a couple of years to get my space to look even remotely decent. It is still always a mess but at least I have a place to store all my stuff. I only get half of the room because we use the other half for our computer, Eric's play station, our photo equipment, and a book shelf with all our books.

I purchased the white cubes from JoAnn's fabrics when they still sold them. Eric says I am famous for buying stuff right before they decide to retire them. I bought about half of the white cubes when all of a sudden they were no longer restocking them, thank God I found what I needed at my local scrapbook store and they were 50% off. SCORE! I then found the two white cabinets at Walmart. They are deeps so they are great for storing scrapbooks and much much much more craft stuff! It is amazing what I can fit in there.

I hung a couple of decorative scrapbook frames with scrapbook pages with my baby boy, my puppy, and Eric and I. I got the ribbon wall thing at Micheal's. I wish it held more ribbon because I love ribbon. I have more ribbon in my cabinets.

Well that is about it for my craft space. Hope you enjoyed seeing area where I create, although sometimes I have to move out to the kitchen table because I need more space.

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Anne Marie said...

Awesome craft space, Rose! Everything looks so organized and you have lots of storage space! Thanks for sharing! :)