Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gently Falling

Lately it has been so hard to find the time to create. Malachi wants to get into all my stuff and when he sees me at my desk stamping he wants to sit on my lap and help. I either have to wait until he is sleeping or Eric has him distracted. It doesn't help that I currently share my stamping space with our computer desk, so even when Eric or I are just on the computer we have to constantly take my stamping supplies away from Malachi.

We are currently looking for a bigger house and I am so looking forward to having a room all to myself for my Stampin' Up! business. This will help because I will be able to shut the door or send Malachi to the other room with his daddy since the computer will be set up in a different room. Although I am sure I will miss having a computer in my stampin' space since I like to look at other peoples creations for inspiration. I guess I'll need to save up to buy me a laptop.

Anyway, on Tuesday night I was finally able to play with my neglected stuff. I had gotten a couple of new stamp sets out of the Holiday Mini during the pre-order in August but just hadn't been able to do anything with them. I am a lover of Fall so when I saw the Gently Falling stamp set, I just knew I wanted it. These leaves just scream fall to me. So of course I ordered it along with the Spice Cake paper. I will probably want to hoard the paper because it is so beautiful and I am a paper hoarder. Anyway I did use a little bit for this card. I love these colors. I hope you enjoy the card and hopefully it will start feeling like Fall soon because I am so over Summer!

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous fall colours! I love this stamp set