Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Let me begin by saying Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday.

I have a new obsession, cake pops. They are so delicious. Wednesday night after church the children's department had a bake sale and they sold some cake pops along with other yummy baked goods. Anyway I bought like 10 of them. They are so good! So anyway on Friday I decided to make some. We actually decided that we want to make them for my sister's upcoming graduation party so I figured this would be a great time to try a sample batch. I did decide to add a little Stampin' Up! to this cake pop by tying some ribbon around the cello bag and adding a tag. These can be used for any occasion. How awesome is that.

Anyway the other thing I worked on this weekend was these cute Easter gifts for the kids in the nursery at church. I bought individual boxes of Gold Fish Crackers for each kid. They look like little milk cartons. I tried a couple of ways to decorate them but decided on using a 12" x 2 3/4" piece of card stock and wrapping it around the whole box (the sides are still exposed), added some ribbon, and then I added some die cuts to the front. The dies are not SU!, I normally wouldn't showcase any non-SU! items but I had to share what I made. All the paper and ribbon is SU! I did see a cute peep made with punch art but it just would have taken me to long to create them with 15 boxes to decorate and since I procrastinated and waited until Saturday night to do these, well this works for me.

Ok, I am off to get ready for church. Time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Anne Marie said...

Such fun ideas, Rose! I had my first cacke pop a few weeks ago and I am hooked! Yum!! Great gift packing for both the cake pops and the goldfish. Such a great touch! Happy Easter! :)

Karen said...

Yummy!! I think I am going to have to try a cake pop! How nice of you to make the nursery kids a gift for Easter!

Danica said...

Oh my! Cake pops. Genius! I love the little tag you added. Sometimes it's the little additions that just "make" a project. :)