Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh' Christmas Tree

I have this weird problem when I am stamping Christmas cards, they make me sing. For instance this image makes me sing, Oh, Christmas Tree. Sometimes its the name of the set that puts a song on the brain and other times its the image. I will be stamping away when all of a sudden I catch myself singing a song and then I purposefully stop singing and before I know it I am singing away.

I find it funny and its only Christmas stamps that make me do this, maybe its because I know so many Christmas songs.

Well its only 4 days until Christmas, I hope you have your Christmas shopping finished unlike myself. Believe it or not but shopping isn't one of my favorite task and it is especially that way during Christmas. I guess I will get it done this weekend because I have to, but not until I get some Disneyland fun today. Off to Disney with the hubby, where I will buy a Christmas present for Malachi. 

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